Alloa based Michael Corr is a contemporary Scottish painter whose work focuses on portraiture and figurative art. He is driven by the process of portraying his subject in an instinctive and expressive way, whilst maintaining a realism of likeness and a considered approach to the application of paint on to canvas.

Michael surrounds himself with material that he finds emotionally and visually compelling. From newspaper clippings, photographs and film to short stories and specific colour combinations; he extracts and edits individual elements to create a pallet of inspiration that influences his work.

From an initial composition and colour range, Michael’s subjects are explored and personified through the use of experimental mark making with various tools. These range from the traditional to the more unusual; hog’s hair brushes and hairdresser’s combs, and more recently straws and balloons.

He graduated from DJCAD in 2010 after completing a degree in Graphic Design. He held his first highly successful solo show in the gallery in 2018. His work is held in private collections across the UK and internationally. We have collaborated with Michael on a number of large scale internal and external mural projects that can be found across Scotland. Find out more details on these works here.

For more insight into Michael’s working life as an artist, check out our Q&A with Michael Corr here.