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Hot Art for Summer.

We’ve been feeling the heat in Glasgow over the past week as the sun shines and we welcome some vibrant, house happy, emotive, fun, bold,

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Interviews & Blog

In the Studio with Lynsey MacKenzie.

Lynsey MacKenzie has always been creative, and it was after studying a law degree that she decided to pursue her passion for painting, undertaking her a degree in Fine Art (Painting & Printmaking) at the Glasgow School of Art. She

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Q&A with Toni Cogdell.

Following Toni Cogdell’s June release ‘Spark’ – a collection of 5 beautiful mixed media paintings that emerged “from the ashes of the past year” (you can find all work here) – we asked Toni some questions to gain a deeper

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In the Studio with Ross Miller.

Ross Miller, known for his emotive and bold take on portraiture, kindly took the time to tell us more about his practice and show us the inner workings of his studio. Read our Q&A below and learn all about his

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Andrea McIlhatton Cardow Discusses Art & Lockdown.

Glasgow based artist Andrea McIlhatton Cardow specialises in screen printing. Her work looks at the impact of female beauty when contrasted against certain social and cultural portrayals of women. Andrea took some time to tell us about her latest body

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Artists to Watch

Coll Hamilton

Coll Hamilton Glasgow based fine artist Coll Hamilton’s works are narrative driven figurative paintings and studies. His distinctive use of line-work is thanks in apart

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Lucie Robbie

Dundee based fine artist Lucie Robbie’s current body of work is a personal expression of isolation experienced during lockdown, rendered through oil and captured in

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Ross Miller

Ross Miller’s body of work focuses mainly on self portraits. Working intuitively, Ross expressively draws out his character, incorporating elements of realism into emotionally charged,

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Sam Gare

Contemporary wilderness painter Sam Gare lives in London but calls Scotland her ‘second home’. Her work explores the wild, vast and lonely lands that remain

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Toni Cogdell

Bristol based fine artist Toni Cogdell’s practice focuses on the human condition. Solitary figures who are far from alone. Moments are captured, a form fusing

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