The Very Best Emerging Artists

Year after year we fully immerse ourselves in the wonderfully curious world of Scotland’s top Art Schools, hunting the most inspiring and talented Graduates out there. If it stops us in our tracks, we want it on our walls.

Love it? Buy it! Don’t worry about the buying an investment chatter just yet, but do know that some of these guys will make it, some are doing very well already, and they might just be on your wall when they do. 

& Seriously In Demand Artists

Some artists have skyrocketed from the depths, and there are those who have clawed their way out to become superstars now snazzing up the most famous and fabulous walls around the world. We’re very proud to work with some of these guys too.

Mighty Fine Art from some Mighty Fine Artists! New artists coming to the gallery and online exclusives all the time. Sign up at the bottom of the page to be first in the know.