Why Artists Choose Art Pistol


We invite interest from all UK based artists looking to get involved. If you want us to twist your arm then read on.

sell art online

Art Pistol People

Like you we love art. We also hate bare walls. So you’ll get a very determined team behind you who have stuck together all the best bits of experience from studying at top UK art schools, working in galleries, selling their own art in galleries and working in digital media. We just want more people to see really amazing things.

Online Art Gallery

We want to sell your art online, simple. Our online gallery has been designed to make this happen, and there are lots of ways to get involved. You can use us in addition to your own website or just link to us if people can’t buy from yours. Art Pistol is an online art gallery for all tastes and budgets.

Make An Offer

One of the many online features we have, but one of the best. We don’t want to let a few pounds get in the way of an online sale, so genuine buyers can make you an offer if the price isn’t quite right. It’s all about being flexible in today’s market.

Pop Up Art Gallery

If online is the art’s home then pop ups are its holiday, or business trip depending on how you look at it. We find new locations for exhibitions to showcase the work of artist’s on Art Pistol all the time.

Our Marketing

Marketing art is expensive, but it’s our expense and our expertise. We do everything you should expect, and more. If you want to know what we do we’ll happily share all but our most secret stuff.


We curate the gallery regularly and our artist selection process ensures your work is displayed amongst a high standard of work. If we think we can find a buyer for your art we’ll welcome you to Art Pistol with open arms, and thank you for getting involved! We ask a pretty low commission, meaning you take more and our customers pay less, which makes your art more affordable and accessible to a lot more people.

Artist Feedback

So glowing that they deserve their own page! Readwhat artists have to say about us.

Extra Stuff

We don’t demand exclusivity of your work. It’s wonderfully simple to upload art and manage sales with our automated system. Talk to people who have your work on their watchlist. We do lots of good stuff on social media. Plus many more things you’ll have to discover.

Useful Art Pistol Selling Tips

Check out our tips on how to price art. Broaden your appeal and sell work from any stage of the creative process, meaning different prices and access to wider markets. Get onto our Facebookand Twitter, there is plenty happening there. Add a description and keywords to every artwork and be sure to include a short artist biography too. Make sure you have a great image to take advantage of the zoom feature using our tips on how to photograph art.