You’ll have plenty more big decisions ahead of your wedding day, so we’re going to make it easy for you from now on. Well it might be a little bit tricky, but in a good way, as we’ve so much great art and so many wonderful wedding list gift ideas for you to choose from.


Why an Art Pistol Wedding List?

Tableware, glassware, small appliances, and linen can all be useful and are quite nice… but an original oil painting on canvas of where you met, or a unique figurative abstract painting by an emerging artist would look stunning in your home and last a life time. You get the idea.

Or why not include an Art Pistol Wedding List alongside a separate and more traditional list, so you get what you need but most importantly what you want!

Get the gifts your occasion deserves

With the range of original art in our gallery you have some great decisions ahead. Your Wedding List could include original art or prints that can be bought individually. More indulgent works that guests choose how much to contribute to. An art fund for you to use as you wish. Or for something very unique you can commission a painting of your Wedding Day, or maybe your dress – who else can say they had an artist capturing their day?

How it works – the very simple version

1. Speak to us about registering your list

2. Get into the gallery and choose what you want

3. Give your guests our instructions

4. We deliver your amazing gifts and tell you who bought what so you can say thanks.


We’re here to discuss all your options and make this as easy and enjoyable as possible. Request a call or give us one on 0141 339 2834.

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