Short but sweet interview with artist Juan Sly

Damien's Dotty, Spotty, Puppy Dawg + FREE POEM

Will literally take you a minute. Some funky work too.

Art Pistol (AP): What’s the first thing you can remember painting?
A wall.

AP: When did you first realise you were an artist?
Juan: When I couldn’t get a proper job.

AP: How would you describe your art to someone that has never seen it before?
Juan: Too cheap.

AP: Is your work on any famous person’s wall?
Juan: London. Everyone’s heard of that.

AP: If you had the opportunity to change something in the art industry what would it be?
Juan: I would change the word “industry” to “Holiday”

AP: Do you have any other interests or talents that you’d like to share?
Juan: I like women and I’m looking for volunteers.

AP: Describe yourself in 3 words, one has to be a colour?
Juan: A blue movie.

AP: Tell us your perfect scenario for painting.
Juan: No police.

AP: If you weren’t an artist you’d be..?
Juan: Unemployed.

AP: Do you have any advice for artists just starting out?
Juan: Turn back.

AP: And finally, what are you working on just now?
Juan: A internet interview form.


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