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Live Painting at the Scottish Culture Awards 2017

Very cool to be back at the annual Scottish Culture Awards 2017, representing with some mighty fine artists, who will be painting live on the night as a spot of entertainment for the culture vultures in attendance. In 2016 we previewed our annual Best of Scottish Art School Graduates Show at the very first Awards, but this year we’re changing it up a bit. 3 former Glasgow School of Art graduates, spanning the last 12 years, will be pushing paint around in their own very distinct and creative ways, giving a little insight to their process. Ooh aah!! Painting live tonight we have:

Eleanor Carlingford (GSA 2005), James Frew (GSA 2015) and Megan Wood (GSA 2017)

Eleanor and James have been gallery favourites for some time, both having been part of headline shows and are always represented with work on show in the gallery. Megan is currently involved in her first show with us, which is on the walls right now, and we reckon has a very bright future ahead. As all 3 most definitely do! And artists we seriously recommend you check out.

Come visit our gallery: Art Pistol, Cresswell Lane, Glasgow, G12 8AA.

“Explorers” by Megan Wood


“On Top” by James Frew


“The Invisible People Are Their Own Images In The Water” by Eleanor Carlingford