Olivia Turner’s concern with spatial awareness is evident within her work, which continually plays with conventional ideas about spaces. She loves the subtle and hidden beauty that can be found within architecture, particularly brutalism. By distilling and highlighting these sublime architectural elements, this documentation is a tactical way of archiving this dying, and almost extinct movement.

The refined compositions highlight the hidden beauty of these buildings that are often overlooked, presenting the structure through a different lens, her own lens. Deconstructing these spaces allows her to give a nod to what already exists, changing it to be viewed differently and refining them to simple forms that only hint at architecture, creating new revised blueprints of these influential structures that are slowly disappearing from society. Although they are slowly fighting back, within the pieces the buildings persist and refuse to fade. The titles are a reflection on their inspiration and although they may exist in real life, they will only hint back to the real starting point.

Olivia graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2015. She is now working from her studio in East Lothian. In 2015, she co-founded DOK Artist Space, a grass-roots contemporary exhibition and studio space in Edinburgh. She has been the recipient of several awards: RSA Latimer Award, RSA Sir William Gillies Bequest, Open Contemporary Young Artist Award. In 2018 she was invited to co-produce the Architecture Fringe Festival across Scotland and has recently finished her term as the President of Society of Scottish Artists.