New Show ‘Dreams of Glasgow – Part 1’ by Coll Hamilton.


We’re doing things differently this year.  A 3-Part show from the outstanding Coll Hamilton to mark the release of his ‘Dreams of Glasgow’ series. Two solid years of work demand three shows. Featuring his narrative driven, cinematic-like panoramas of Glasgow’s iconic architecture and its people. 

New Show 'Dreams of Glasgow - Part 1' by Coll Hamilton.
The Old Ark Tethered To The Weathered Tree | Acrylic On Canvas | 91 x 122 cm | £1450 | BUY

“Most of the drawings and paintings I have been producing over the last couple of years seem to be forming part of a body of work I have come to think of an my ‘Dreams Of Glasgow’.

I have always been seeking to capture stories and narratives in the images I create. During the lockdowns since 2020 I have been going for long walks around my home city of Glasgow through areas I was familiar with and also discovered new streets and buildings that I had never encountered before. This led me imagining new stories to tell. I had more time and more inspiration to draw and paint the built environment of the city and the trees and spaces that exist between these structures.

I observed and drew buildings hoping to discover more about their character and use them both as locations to set painted narratives within and to use them as characters in these visual stories as well. The end goal was to have large panoramic, narrative paintings on large canvases that would tell stories of a Glasgow rooted in the observed realities of the city filtered through my imagination to place the city in an ephemeral and dreamlike world.

This collection of work will include observational, expressive drawings as I try to get to know buildings to draw them into my stories and weave these ‘Dreams of Glasgow’“.

New Show 'Dreams of Glasgow - Part 1' by Coll Hamilton.
Langside Library | Oil on Canvas | 40 x 20 cm | £240 | BUY
New Show 'Dreams of Glasgow - Part 1' by Coll Hamilton.
Resonance | Pen, Ink, Soft Pastels & Pencil on Paper (framed) | 35.5 x 29 cm | £320 | BUY

Part 1 launches in the gallery on Saturday 9th April. Featuring many areas around Glasgow – Langside, Victoria Road, Mansionhouse Road, Castlemilk and Crosshill to name a few. Please Contact the Gallery for the full show brochure.