Announcement: New Gallery & Studio.

JMS Model

Since 2011 we have been championing the best emerging and underknown artists in Scotland. It’s been a privilege and an utter thrill. 

Today, we work with some of the most exciting and recognised names in the industry, while continuing our promise to champion artistic talent on the fringes. 

United with our artists, customers and collectors, we fiercely support and challenge the future of art in Scotland. Making art a way of life for more people, and bringing art into more people’s lives has always been the plan. 

In 2024 we will be taking up residency in a brand new arthouse as a statement of this intent. A stunning space within the G1 district, right on the fringes of the city centre in Glasgow’s historic heart. A space worthy to recognise and propel the most exciting artists to new levels, to further establish Scottish art on the global stage, and to bring the world’s best to our city. This will be the living story of the thriving Scottish art scene, the present and the future, for all to see. 

Welcoming you in will be a momentous day to share with everyone that has had a part in the 13 year story of the gallery so far, as it will with those we’re yet to meet. Til then.