New Collections for Winter: Coll Hamilton’s Glasgow.

Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church And Rooftops Of Grosvenor Crescent

It’s here, our annual Winter Show that is open right up to Christmas! And as with everything 2020, things will run a little differently in light of the ongoing restrictions. We’ll be releasing collections in the gallery and online, making it easier for everyone to find the latest and greatest art to hit the gallery walls.

To kick us off, we have gallery star Coll Hamilton and his latest collection of drawings and paintings. Throughout 2020 he has been undertaking a huge personal project, that began prior to lock down. Exploring his home city and its people. His prolific output marries with his personal commitment to his art and his passion for Glasgow.

New Collections for Winter: Coll Hamilton's Glasgow.
Hyndland Road, Sketch | SOLD

Covering many areas, but with specific focus on the West End and the Southside. He lovingly renders Glasgow’s people and iconic architecture in soft pastels and charcoals, acrylic and oils. The latter medium being where this ongoing exploratory journey will culminate – as he pushes toward producing a body of paintings for a solo show in 2021. 

New Collections for Winter: Coll Hamilton's Glasgow.
Glen | SOLD
New Collections for Winter: Coll Hamilton's Glasgow.
Far Enough Above, Far Enough Below | SOLD

We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to seeing some friendly faces in the gallery over the coming weeks. Thanks as always for your continued support.