Megan Wood “Inflorescence” Show Opens 26.05.19

Megan Wood’s first solo show entitled “Inflorescence” opens at the gallery this Sunday 26th May and we’d love you to be there. If you can’t make it, please request a brochure above. 

Inflorescence by Megan Wood

My artwork is a modern reaction to the theme of travel in art history. I use photographic documentation from my own travels as well as the documentation of world travels in photo albums, journals and my collection of the iconic yellow National Geographic journals of the 1950’s and 60’s.

I explore these themes and motifs through collage and experimenting with depth and colour to create paintings that capture timeless moments from dream like scenes; layering and manipulating imagery to create realms that blur reality and create a sense of harmony. The ritual of making traditional pigments is reflected in my colour choices and combinations.

The main concept mirrors the act of colourisation in early photography, mainly National Geographic journals, which explore the meeting of journalistic travel research with the imagination of the artist and the manipulation of the artists’ hand.