Introducing: Landscape Painter Niall Stevenson.

Image 1 'Landscape (P)' (oil on canvas_ 160 x 125cm)

New to the gallery for June we have Edinburgh based painter Niall Stevenson. Finding ways to the paint the environment, Niall’s latest collection of work is informed by his walks through many Scottish landscapes. An escapism plenty of us are longing to enjoy again!

Introducing: Landscape Painter Niall Stevenson.
The Tongue

Niall’s paintings are filled with atmosphere. Large sweeping skies meet open and undulating lands. He uses a medley of brushstrokes; from short and gestural, to loose and textured. Gently abstracting the folds and rolls of hills, playing with natures light and depth through beautiful tonal combinations. Capturing fleeting moments. Freely applied drips and expressively rendered brush marks add an urban and contemporary appeal to the finished canvas.

Introducing: Landscape Painter Niall Stevenson.

“My most recent work has been informed by walking in the landscape; particularly in Scotland. I have tried to find ways to paint my experience of being in these environments, often using sites of archaeological interest (cairns, hill forts, enclosures etc) as a starting point for image-making. The pictures are not intended to be bucolic or pertain to any romantic notions of the wilderness, but rather try to show a more idiosyncratic vision of how I encounter overlooked aspects of the world”.

Introducing: Landscape Painter Niall Stevenson.
Landscape (P)

Exploring areas of archaeological interest, Niall has become intrigued with the history and stories of the land that have since been erased by time.

I am particularly interested in the ways in which time has erased traces of culture from the landscape and how fragments of structures can act as a catalyst for interpretive thought processes”.

An ECA graduate, Niall completed his BA (Hons) Drawing & Painting in 2012 and followed this with an MA Contemporary Art Practice in 2016. He has held numerous group and solo exhibitions in Scotland, across Europe and Japan.

We’re delighted to show Niall’s contemporary landscapes in the gallery and can’t wait to see how his collection grows! Find all his work online now.