Introducing: Louise Howard.

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Louise Howard is a fine artist who ‘strives to highlight the human condition’ in her work. Effortlessly blending realism with semi-abstraction, her figures evoke a sense of vulnerability and strength with an overall aesthetic of stillness and beauty.

Louise splits her time between Australia and the UK. Covid-19 has meant many of Louise’s shows have been cancelled or postponed. As we move through the lock down phases, we’re hopeful of having an opportunity later in the year to showcase a number of her paintings in our Glasgow gallery.

Louise has been an artist ever since she can remember, experimenting with many mediums (from pottery to jewellery). Painting was the one that brought the greatest sense of achievement and value to her life, and she has spent the past 15 years refining her practice. In this latest body of work she explores the human form, paying particular attention to the face, choosing to paint it through a realist lens.

Introducing: Louise Howard.
Mustard Dressing in progress

“I work in oils and strive to highlight the human condition in my works, exploring the subject matter as an object of stillness and beauty without being attractive in the conventional sense. I pay particular attention to the face with the intention of capturing the subtle fragility of my subject. Much of my work is painted in detail whilst also hosting abstract, broader strokes in the same piece. This juxtaposition of fine verses modern art combines my preference for both styles”.

Moving onto the background, she paints the remaining figure making it appear to exist in a semi-abstracted state. As though floating, or poised, timid or anxious, or relaxed and at peace; she captures a myriad of emotions. Louise uses luscious and painterly brushstrokes to build up form and texture. A neutral palette of cream, grey and peach with the odd pop of pink and blue aid these opposing styles to effortlessly blend together.

Introducing: Louise Howard.
Mustard Dressing
Introducing: Louise Howard.
Louise at work in her studio

Louise’s paintings are subtly energetic and raw; she creates an intimacy between her subjects and the viewer. And we couldn’t be happier to be working with her exclusively in Scotland.

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