Introducing: Fine & Urban Artist Joanna Craig.

0.3 GICLEE PRINT joanna craig

We’re delighted to welcome Scottish artist Joanna Craig to the gallery this month. With her vibrant, bold and energetic work that celebrates the land around us.

Joanna is fascinated by land, its use and its ancestry – and how only time separates us all. She loves how it is riddled with parallels and juxtapositions; from the simplicity and geological diversity of stunning landscapes and land-forms, coastlines and river mouths, to the zealous, rich experiences of culture, identity and urban life.


Working on a range media – paper, canvas, silk, and ceramics, Joanna has also completed many large scale commissioned public murals. She combines sweeping brushstrokes that have an urban and graphic quality. Layering colours and injecting movement. Delicate pencil detailing is then added to play off these stronger abstracted elements.

Introducing: Fine & Urban Artist Joanna Craig. Untitled Print 06

Check out Joanna’s full curated collection of original paintings and limited edition Giclee prints that feature the beautiful Scottish landscape now.