Introducing: Calum Stevenson.


New to the gallery we have Scottish Fine Artist Calum Stevenson with his photographic negative-esque interpretations of the world around him. Combining realist figures and abstracted environments, Calum aims to reveal the fragility and instability found within our contemporary society, and touches on ‘a fear’ which is generated by the ‘control of the state’.

Introducing: Calum Stevenson.
Social Housing | VIEW

Most of Calum’s work appears in negative, which is a result of his interest in digital integration and the relationship between human life and technology. In his development stage, images are digitally manipulated before being translated onto the canvas. This action sees Stevenson become part of the machine process. The result, highly effective and brilliantly lit paintings.

Introducing: Calum Stevenson.
Fun In The Streets | VIEW

Looking at Calum’s work, ‘Fun In The Streets’ we see police figures rendered in a controlled state, reinforcing their authoritarian response. The abstracted backgrounds represent the unpredictable environments and events which transpire. The collection of paintings and digital collage are sculpted by Scottish surroundings of brutalist architecture and deteriorating social housing, as well as his own personal experiences of violent protests.

We look forward to bringing Calum’s work into the gallery early 2021 and can’t wait to share more with you.