Interview with Felix Carr, Glasgow School of Art Graduate

figurative triptych

Our Best of Scottish Art Graduates Show is a highlight of our year, no questions asked. The exhibition sits at the very core of what we’re all about as a gallery, and never fails to introduce some serious talent looking to make waves.

To help introduce this year’s artists we’re doing a series of interviews to offer some additional insight into their work. First up is of Felix Carr, who graduated with a First Class Honours from the Glasgow School of Art.

Your work is really fresh with a moreish quality, and is an absolute pleasure to hang on our walls. People are intrigued by it, as are we, so please tell us more.

“My work seeks to dissect both imagistic and linguistic ambiguities in relation to archetypal painterly form and art historical narrative.”

To sum up, how would you describe your art to someone that has never seen it before in one sentence?

“Messy, but measured.”

You received the Hunt Medal at GSA – well done. We’d love to know more about the work that earned you this accolade.

“The Hunt medal is awarded on behalf of the Steven Campbell Trust for poetic creativity in the exhibited work of a graduating artist.”

And you also won the ‘GSA dissertation prize for fine art’ .

“I wrote on the significance of silence in regard to contemporary avant garde!”

How did your work develop throughout your time at GSA? Have you experimented with different styles and how did you end up where you are now?

“The work I’m producing now is a far cry from the salvaged street-detritus I painted on 4 years ago… no pics unfortunately (but that’s definitely for the best!)”

Where to now? Do you know how you want to develop as an artist? Are you going to continue to paint?

“Keep painting hopefully, until it makes sense. I’m missing the luxury of GSA studio’s – I’ve yet to find somewhere big enough for 6 foot + paintings that isn’t my bedroom.”

How do you feel about the art industry as someone starting out?

“I can’t say I know too much about it just yet, but I’m optimistic.”

Any last thoughts?

“Why was Van Gogh a painter? Because he didn’t have the ear for music.”

A punchy read quite befitting his artwork, which is in the gallery until the 7th August and online now. Also check out the other Graduates in this year’s show.