An artist may be new to the market or have already built a successful career selling their art, but the same fundamental principles can be applied by most artists regardless of the stage of their career. Subjective influences that we can’t control have a major part to play when buying art but if you can justify your price then you’ve probably got it right.

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1. Compare your work to others artists

Look at artists with similar history and working in similar mediums and understand what is selling. Buyers do this so you certainly have to give it some thought too.

2. Calculate your price

Figure out how long you spent working on it and apply an hourly rate plus cost of materials.

3. Apply your experience as an artist

If you have a sales history then your experience counts for a lot and should tell you what you can expect from your work and the market. But remember that markets change and that’s why we recommend considering all of these things together when pricing your art.


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