How to Photograph Art

Some simple tips that will help you take a better photograph for using on Art Pistol or anywhere else you fancy.

art photography tips

1. Choose a location with bright, soft lighting like a large window. Avoid harsh direct lighting that can cause shadows, reflections and colour shifts.

2. To get the best image quality out of your camera set the ISO to 100 or 200; this refers to film speed and determines how sensitive the image sensor is to light.

3. Clean your lens with a microfiber cloth.

4. Put the camera on a tripod or flat level service to ensure the camera doesn’t move while shooting.

5. Position your work parallel to the camera lens.

6. Ideally use a clean white background if your work is not square or rectangular for cropping.

7. Leave minimal space around the edges of your work in the camera’s frame to maximise image resolution.

8. Turn off your flash, which can create harsh light.

9. If indoors turn off the lights as they can affect the natural light.

10. Using a timer will ensure your camera stays perfectly still as you don’t need to touch it once set.

11. Zoom in a little bit, but not all the way, to maximise the lens’ performance.

12. Colour should be as close as possible to the initial artwork.

13. Make sure it is in focus.

14. Take a few shots of each artwork as you may notice things on your computer’s bigger screen.

15.’s Online Tools are good free tools for editing your image. Also try Picasa for a PC or iPhoto for a Mac.

16. Use the cropping tool to select only the artwork and ensure you leave no visible borders around the edges.

17. You can adjust the contrast of the image if needed.

18. Save the image as a jpeg at maximum quality.

19. For uploading your image to Art Pistol you will likely have to save another file that’s dimensions exceed 900 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall, but is less than 3MB file size. Bigger is better in this case as our zoom feature will work a lot better on bigger images.

20. Now your work is ready for uploading to Art Pistol!

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