Hot Art for Summer.


We’ve been feeling the heat in Glasgow over the past week as the sun shines and we welcome some vibrant, house happy, emotive, fun, bold, moving, exclusive and immense new work into the gallery. Here is a run down of the latest limited editions and originals to arrive from our artists.

David Newton

It’s clear David Newton loves colour! A London based illustrator, screen printer and picture book maker, David is happiest when surrounded by the biggest inspiration for his art – books. His work is fresh, vibrant, colour popping and fun. Find his collection here.

Hot Art for Summer.
Sipping On Summer | £125 | BUY
Hot Art for Summer.
Crank Up The Colour | £125 | BUY

Clare Halifax

Taking inspiration from her surroundings, Clare Halifax produces multi layered screen prints of city and landscapes, botanicals and animals. Her work has a calming presence, enhanced by the colour palette and subtle background detailing. Find her full collection here.

Hot Art for Summer.
Pink Perky Palmy | £70 | BUY
Hot Art for Summer.
Big Cat – Leopard | £40 | BUY
Hot Art for Summer.
Cacti Cluster | £200 | BUY

Adam Bartlett

Adam Bartlett’s work is an elaborate celebration of animal and jungle life. Playing with fantasy lands, Adam creates junglescapes filled with tropical plants and ferns, birds and tigers, alongside placed rugs and plant pots, all tied together with colour and pattern – a fusion of both the natural and man made worlds. We’ve 3 new originals featuring his tigers in the gallery. Find his full collection now.

Hot Art for Summer.
Lookout | £190 | BUY
Hot Art for Summer.
Omega Sunrise | £675 | BUY

Jonathan Lawes

Johnathan Lawes specialises in screen printing. And we’re delighted to share that he has created a set of 3 unique works for the gallery this summer – Mobile 01, 02 and 03. Layering and combining shapes and tones in a loose and organic way, Johnathan’s background in textiles is evident within his work. Find his full collection here.

Hot Art for Summer.
Mobile 1 | £120 | BUY

Meig Sutherland

Spontaneous and fluid, Meig Sutherland’s drawings and paintings centre around the human form. Beginning with a doodle, figures and faces start to overlap and entwine as elements flow freely between, around, over and under each other. Find her full collection here.

Hot Art for Summer.
Sun And Moon | £280 | BUY
Hot Art for Summer.
Dissociate | £930 | BUY

Lee Herring

Contemporary painter Lee Herring has been working flat out over the past few years as demand for his work rightly grows. So we’re very pleased to have nabbed 2 of his latest miniatures for the gallery this summer. Find his full collection here.

Hot Art for Summer.
Amber Falls | £450 | BUY
Hot Art for Summer.
Lemon Sunlight | £450 | BUY

Ross Miller

We’re featuring a new body of work on the main gallery wall this month from Ross Miller. He describes the approach to his work as “loose, speedy, mark making”. There are a number of mixed media portraits on canvas and paper. With detailed surface texture and pops of colour alongside his monochromatic palette. Find his full collection here.

Hot Art for Summer.
Girl Fractured | £220 | BUY
Hot Art for Summer.
Graffiti Girl | £320 | BUY

You can shop all our latest selections in the gallery now.

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