Glasgow Art Gallery Open until Xmas

We’ve been open a week, and what a week. Art galore and plenty of people through the doors checking it all out. We’ve actually been waiting almost a week to get a photo of the gallery front without cars parked there too. Good thing though – busy street, and possibly one of the nicest streets in Glasgow… probably why it was chosen for the scene in World War Z where everything went nuts?

We’ve got lots of amazing smaller artworks that would make great gifts, and from £10 up what’s not to like about that. We’ve also got new work arriving all the time and have arranged viewings of particular works people have seen on the website, as well as bringing in new work fresh from the artists’s studio for its first ever viewing. It’s also the first exhibition where we’ll be offering interest free Own Art loans, which you can spread over 10 months and make buying art very easy and affordable. Come see what we’re up to and you probably won’t be disappointed!


49 Cochrane St, Glasgow, G1 1HL. Just off George Square and part of the Italian Centre.

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Friday 22nd November until Christmas Eve. Opening times may change a little depending on demand.

Mon & Tue: If the lights are on, we’re open!
*Open Mon 23rd & Tue 24th Dec
Wed: 10am to 6pm
Thu: 10am to 7pm
Fri: 10am to 6pm
Weekends: 11am to 5pm

Here’s some photos:

Glasgow Art Gallery Front


Art Gallery Inside


Xmas shopping art gallery


View of George Square from gallery