Eleanor Carlingford “Paladin On The Ramparts” September Show

No Narrative in The Moment 152 x 127cm

Year on year, Eleanor Carlingford’s reputation as one of Scotland’s key expressive artists breaking through the ranks continues to grow. This September we open her 2019 solo show, Paladin On The Ramparts. 11 enigmatic oil paintings. Expressively painted figurative works exploding with colour and detail.  

If you can’t make it in, please request a brochure above. These are must see paintings. 

Paladin On The Ramparts by Eleanor Carlingford

“I had ten days on my own in Malaga in September 2018, and it is my experiences there which have coalesced into Paladin on The Ramparts. It all came together in a haphazard way. I didn’t think about what I was doing but simply had experiences and kept up a sketchbook. I was lonely and fulfilled at the same time. I visited the Pompidou Centre there and was very moved by the Dubuffet exhibition “Handsomer Than They Think”. I loved the Roman artefacts in the Museum, ate a lot of fish, saw some arthouse movies in French and had a shoal of barracuda swim close under me while snorkelling, bought sunglasses and drew every day on a tiny tile which I found on the beach, and every day erased it ready for the next day. I don’t know why I chose to do these things…”

Eleanor Carlingford "Paladin On The Ramparts" September Show