Eleanor Carlingford “Interface” Show Opens 24.11.18

Again Noises Off


Carlingford’s new show entitled “Interface” opens at the gallery this Saturday at 2pm and we’d love if you could attend. If you can’t then please request a brochure above. Or all new work will be available to view online at 5pm on Saturday.

Interface by Eleanor Carlingford

Twenty years ago Jonathan Miller curated an exhibition in Tate Britain entitled On Reflection. I went to see it. Exhibited there were paintings from every era which depicted reflections in mirrors. Miller’s texts about the concept were fascinating and I have been intrigued by the psychological aspect of looking in a mirror ever since.

Interface is my take on this. Totally engaged as I am with an interrogation of personal identity, it seems a logical step to look in a mirror to see who is there. Is this how others see us? Is this the way we view ourselves?

More intriguing still is the realisation that a reflection includes yourself plus whatever is behind you. The view forward is totally obscured. Carl Jung sums up this concept when he describes having experienced a feeling echoing this idea. He reports his conviction that: “I consisted of my own history, and I felt with great certainty: this is what I am. I am this bundle of what has been, and what has been accomplished.” *

* Memories, Dreams, Reflections. C.G. Jung (chapter X Visions.P 321)