Cornelius Wright: Bringing the Outdoors In.

Cornelius Wright, Autumn Mist Ard, PVA, acrylic, charcoal and pigment on canvas, 150x190cm, £3500

Surrounded by the spectacular natural scenery that Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park has to offer, Cornelius Wright has a wealth of inspiration on his doorstep. His new collection of paintings captures views across Balquhidder, Loch Voil, Auchtubh and all the way up to the northern tip of Scotland to Ceannabeinne in Durness.

Cornelius Wright: Bringing the Outdoors In.
Wild Reflection | PVA, Charcoal, Pigment and Acrylic on Canvas | 135 x 90 cm | £1200 | VIEW

“I am now more settled on my closest surroundings, having found a wealth of inspiration in my immediate environment is liberating and I want to make this accessible and inclusive to others through my work”.

Working natural elements into his canvas, amplifying small often overlooked details; like moss, undergrowth and fungus – Cornelius wants to help viewers to study all the curious and sometimes mundane areas of nature.

Cornelius Wright: Bringing the Outdoors In.
Ceannabeinne, Durness | PVA, Acrylic, Pigment and Charcoal on Canvas | 175 x 135 cm | VIEW

There is an abstract quality to Cornelius’ paintings, which adds energy and atmosphere and subtly strips away the literal representation of the place he is depicting.

“Still employing the ebb and flow of poured paint, waiting for the element of chance to play its role and decipher what emerges into an interpretation of the source inspiration is still at the root of what I do”.

He uses a mix of mediums – pigments, acrylics, charcoals and PVA – to create earthy and weathered texture on the canvas.

Cornelius Wright: Bringing the Outdoors In.
Whins Blossom, Loch Voil | Oil, Acrylic, PVA, Pigment and Charcoal on Canvas | 130 x 130 cm | VIEW

These are large scale, dramatic landscape paintings that captivatingly present the raw beauty and power of the wild Scottish lands. A real talking point for anyone who finds a memory of time spent within the locations Cornelius shares. Find all his available work in the gallery now.