Claire Kennedy Solo Show

Titan Crane

Gracing our walls this month are the beautiful mixed-media works of Claire Kennedy. In this show, she is exploring fresh Glaswegian scenes; bold details of industrial structures; and the dissipating image of the trusty cassette tape. All of which she explores, characteristically, through a textured amalgamation of acrylic paint, photography, and metallic touches.

Claire Kennedy Solo Show
Claire Kennedy’s Streetscape #2

The rich texture of Kennedy’s approach – layering up colour, upon line, upon material – perfectly captures the essence of this iconic Byres Road scene in Streetscape #2. She does not simply duplicate the exterior of this shop, she situates it among other elements of interest to her. For example, she employs as much attention to the street below the shop and the anonymous tenement flats above it, as she does to the iconic facade itself. Each carefully selected element of this scene has been approached with equal care and creative attention. She applies layers of blues, blacks, browns and greys into unique systems of texture, to deepen the appearance of every single centimetre. The contemporary shop window, the harsh brick tenement and the otherwise ordinary high street path, have each been awarded a pleasingly aged character – like the effect of an analogue photograph – created through photographic forms meeting newspaper clippings, set in a tactile surface of acrylic paint. Thus, Kennedy responds to the variety and personality of Byres Road, by alluding to its historic character – past, present and future; freezing it in a timeless, aesthetically beautiful image.

Claire Kennedy Solo Show
Claire Kennedy’s Titan Detail #3

Kennedy also employs this delicate arrangements of textures and layers in her approach to bold, industrial scenes; a juxtaposition that she finds deeply satisfying (check out our visit to her studio, here, to find out more). For example Titan Detail #3 she has merged the mechanical forms of this A-Listed historical structure – which she has rendered clear cut and striking, through her photographic process – with an abstract wash of layers, in varying shades of blues, blacks and reds. Using an array of different tools, she has carved into and built upon that abstract layer; turning the two-dimensional block of Titan Crane into a three-dimensional space, with various points of interest. This illustrates Kennedy’s ability to deepen a decorative surface – unifying form and subject to evoke the feeling of her themes.

There – we hope you’ve enjoyed this minute insight into the work of Claire Kennedy, as displayed in her new solo show. To find out more about Claire Kennedy and the way she works, check out our blog here; and as always, thank you for reading!