Claire Kennedy March Show.

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Claire Kennedy returns to the gallery this month with a new solo show. Featuring over a dozen works, from miniature to medium. All celebrating the iconic skyline of Glasgow in her distinctive style; combining photography and painting in a beautifully rich and unified way.

Claire Kennedy March Show. Skyline, Glasgow #2

Claire Kennedy March Show.

“At a glance, Claire’s work has the aesthetic effect of aging, analogue photographs; capturing unique views of Glasgow. However, at a closer look, her work is made of acrylic paint, worked to create complex layers of texture, colour and form. A black and white photograph is then laid on top of the painted surface; seamlessly worked into the painted layers.

Layering, lifting and excavating are all words that Claire uses frequently when describing the painting stage of her work. Painting isn’t about precisely placing paint down into meticulous forms. Instead, she scrapes paint away, lays it down, moves it, smudges it and uses any number of different implements to create various textured and rendered effects”.

Claire Kennedy March Show. Dusk, Glasgow #6

Claire Kennedy March Show. Dusk, Glasgow #15

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