Christie Thomson is a multimedia visual artist based in Glasgow. Her practice is repeatedly inspired by the complicated relationship between Art and Philosophy; two fields stereotyped as making and thinking. Particularly the outdated assumption that Art and Philosophy repel one another, the idea the abstract opposes the representational.

This archaic sentiment can be traced back to the ancient era of Greek philosophy. Where Plato specifically coins this idea within his renowned ‘Allegory of the Cave’. He famously suggests that representational forms, such as Art and Theatre, are lesser than that of ‘pure’ abstract ideas and theories, i.e. Philosophy. However this concept of hierarchy is entirely hypocritical, Plato’s allegory being a prime example. As It exhibits a philosopher using an incredibly rich and poetic image to explain and explore his nonconcrete theory on society and enlightenment. In other words, using Art as a tool to engage with Philosophy.

This collection of prints exhibits sketches developed whist exploring ideas surrounding space, suspension and the contemporary theatre set. Painting a frivolous stage, set where no hierarchy of subjects exist, this reimagined playground encourages exploration and embodied experience. Explosive shapes that mimic a star-burst flood the paper and figures float, dancing in the sky. Non distinct characters exist as curious, comical creatures and a scene of ancient Greece draws a final link between western philosophy and its timeless relationship with art.

In an effort of reaching further into the minds eye and uncovering the magic that is our own imagination, Christie demonstrates an output of theatrical imagery informed by philosophical concept. The two subjects working in a flourish of harmony.

Christie graduated with a BA(Hons) in Art & Philosophy from DJCAD 2019. We were delighted to feature her work in our highlight ‘Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2019’.