Christian Kerr’s New Work & Prices for 2022.

the truth is stranger than fiction (initiation)two-part series_150x240_charcoalandmixedmediaonpaper_2017

A standout GSA grad from 2020, fast rising talent Christian Kerr has announced a number of amendments to his pricing for January. Plus we have two additional drawings now available in his gallery collection – his two-part series The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (Reflected) and The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (Initiation). Both charcoal and mixed media large scale drawings on paper.

Christian Kerr's New Work & Prices for 2022.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (Reflected) | £900 | VIEW

Within The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction works, Christian used a variety of symbolism, journal entries. signs and imagery to encourage viewers to form their own interpretations on what has been depicted. The enormity of the power and destruction posed by the atomic explosion is undeniable, and viewers can’t help but become immersed in the scale of the drawings. The series however had an unexpected, therapeutic and meditative affect on Christian, who found himself relieving built up tension that he’d gained from researching such a catastrophic event.

“In our lifetimes, we will find many unexplainable acts of both cruelty and kindness that will defy explanation – yet life moves forward”.

Christian Kerr's New Work & Prices for 2022.
Moonchild | £650 | VIEW

Throughout his practice, Christian seeks to understand the totality of the human experience through a traditional process of making, such as drawing and printmaking. His approach is philosophical – concerned with interpreting the fundamental laws of reality and existence.

Christian Kerr's New Work & Prices for 2022.
Between Here And There | £350 | VIEW

Since leaving GSA and navigating the challenges of the past year and a half, Christian has adapted his practice. No longer having access to a studio has seen him move his painting into the digital realm. producing graphic manga style illustrative paintings and working on commissions for clients in London. An interesting shift and one we’re keen to see develop.

You can continue to read about Christian’s practice and find all available work here.