Portrait and figurative artist Keith Maiden’s interview

Keith’s art is as bold and refreshing as some of his opinions, and dripping with sentiment. It’s also just very very cool. He’s gathering momentum as a painter and gaining a loyal following on his path to becoming what he defines as an artist. Here’s what he had to say to us. Art Pistol (AP): […]

Rogue-One, graffiti artist, talks to us about his latest street art

Want a little insight to the underground world of a street and graffiti artist… then read on. We’ve just completed a (what we think is!) fantastic big piece of new street art in Glasgow (pictured below) and wanted to celebrate the skills of the man responsible for bringing our concept to life and painting it, […]

Interview with emerging artist and fine art student Kyle Noble

The origins of man, Megalithic monuments, ancient civilisations, shamanism, psychedelia, cultural truth, scepticism and spiritualism are all tributaries into Kyle’s work. That’s some eclectic inspiration for an emerging artist and just one of the reasons why we can’t wait to see more. His latest work looks great and has stories to tell – take your […]

Interview with Nottingham based artist John Lowerson

He makes life sized cardboard Daleks (photo included!) and actual kayaks, amongst other interesting things. John is a forensic occupational therapist and thankfully an artist too. There are some real classic paintings in his recent collection, and even if there’s not something for the most particular enthusiasts amongst you then you can always commission John […]

Interview with contemporary Scottish Artist Julie Arbuckle

Julie is a contemporary Scottish Artist, primarily inspired by areas in the Scottish Highlands and last seen up Goat Fell on Arran with her camera and paints! Born and bred in Glasgow, Julie has been drawing and painting Scottish scenes since childhood, developing her artistic relationship with the land. “The Deer Fence” (pictured) is one […]

Interview with Artist Sheena Russell

“If I had the money I’d buy that!” A common sentiment shared by many when it comes to art, and something people always say when Sheena’s work is on exhibit at our pop ups. People seem to connect with the mood, or simply respect the ridiculous level of skill and attention required to create something […]

Interview with Artist Brian Hodgson

Brian’s images have their beginnings in the familiarity of everyday objects and places. Lighting can transform situations and stimulate a memory and mood and Brian works to capture these constantly changing forces. Art Pistol (AP): What’s the first thing you can remember painting? Brian: An Elephant, at the age of 4 – I think. AP: When did […]

Artist Interview with Lee Robertson

Lee Robertson is a Glasgow trained and based artist. Her work invites you to tell the story – but here is her story, or a small part of it anyway, in a short q&a interview. Art Pistol (AP): What’s the first thing you can remember painting? Lee: Al Pacino! AP: When did you first realise you were […]

Artist Interview with Coll Hamilton

Coll Hamilton shares some words with us this week. A very talented emerging artist with a distinct style that we love. He’s proven popular on Art Pistol and is one to watch! Bio:  My interest in story-telling and narratives are distilled in my paintings to creating moments that capture a place, a character or an expression, […]

Artist Interview with John Parkin

John Parkin took some time to answer a few questions and give us a little insight into his world. We love his work and we’re sure you will too. This is the first of a new fortnightly feature on Art Pistol artists, and we’d like to thank John for taking the first step… one small step for […]