In the Studio with Eleanor Carlingford

In the Studio with Eleanor Carlingford

This week we had the pleasure of visiting the studio of Eleanor Carlingford to discuss her new body of work – Interface – which is now on at Art Pistol gallery. This exhibition showcases fourteen new oil paintings, and a series of related drawings, exploring the relationship between the self and the reflection. We believe […]

Eleanor Carlingford “Interface” Show Opens 24.11.18

Eleanor Carlingford "Interface" Show Opens 24.11.18

Request Brochure Carlingford’s new show entitled “Interface” opens at the gallery this Saturday at 2pm and we’d love if you could attend. If you can’t then please request a brochure above. Or all new work will be available to view online at 5pm on Saturday. Interface by Eleanor Carlingford Twenty years ago Jonathan Miller curated […]

In the Studio with Claire Kennedy

In the Studio with Claire Kennedy

Today we are rummaging around the Glasgow-based work-space of Claire Kennedy; finding out how and why, she brings together painting and photography, in her beautiful, mixed-media impressions of Glasgow. We want to share with you an insight into her life, her ideas and her arty methods; to find out how some acrylic paint, and a […]

Hannah Grace Ryan Gems in the Gallery

Hannah Grace Ryan is one of the first jewellers to join Art Pistol, with her impressive collection finding a spot in the 15° Graduate Show. Hailing from Glasgow School of Art she produces statement jewellery that has a particularly regal air about it. The contemporary pieces have a modern take on Hannah’s historical inspiration, with […]

The Carolynne Coulson Interview

A relatively new artist to Art Pistol, Carolynne’s work is a very welcome addition to the gallery. Whether you’re drawn to try interpret the story hidden in her paintings, or to the agreeable abstract technique, or to the fact that she produces very affordable art, or perhaps to all three of these or even something […]

Architectural Artist Ian Stuart Campbell in the interview

Art, architecture and culture this week in our interview with Ian Stuart Campbell. He creates wonderfully detailed and accurate drawings of architectural cityscapes featuring freehand line, tonal shading and hatching. He sketches his way around places we all know and recently across Europe for a new book called “The Architectural Tourist”, which you can read […]

Contemporary abstract artist Rob Evans in the interview

“We all occupy two worlds; the one we all share and the abstract one that only we inhabit.” An interesting perspective from Rob Evans. He likes to ask impossible questions and find visual answers without visual references, using intuition and scientific fact to create very unique and very cool images. Read on to find out […]

Interview and new art from Scottish landscape and portrait painter Jennifer Bisset

If you like looking at stunning landscapes then you need to look at Jennifer’s stunning paintings of stunning landscapes. If you like Scotland then even better as that’s where she paints most often, based on the shores of Loch Lomond. We are fans. Art Pistol (AP): What’s the first thing you can remember painting? Jennifer […]

Photographers Graham Wylie & Ralph Nisbet talk to us

Get ready for some fantastic photography from Graham Wylie & Ralph Nisbet. But before you tuck into their delectable photographic tapas whet your appetite on their Q&A interview. Art Pistol (AP): What’s the first thing you can remember painting? Graham Wylie & Ralph Nisbet (GW&RN): I remember shooting my friends in school, there were no instant […]

Short but sweet interview with artist Juan Sly

Short but sweet interview with artist Juan Sly

Will literally take you a minute. Some funky work too. Art Pistol (AP): What’s the first thing you can remember painting? Juan: A wall. AP: When did you first realise you were an artist? Juan: When I couldn’t get a proper job. AP: How would you describe your art to someone that has never seen it […]

Interview with Jeremy Jones

Today we hear from the talented Jeremy Jones and all about his dedication to art. His semi realistic work certainly grabs the eye and the detail keeps it just the right amount of time to ensure exploration and appreciation of what’s going on. Well, that’s what it did to my eyes the first time and […]

Interview with self-taught Greek artist Iasonas Kampanis

Iasonas is a self-taught Greek painter, illustrator, photographer and graphic artist. Enjoy his paintings and illustrations on Art Pistol, and look forward to seeing some of his latest digital art, which we’ve been lucky enough to see, some time soon! Art Pistol (AP): What’s the first thing you can remember painting? Iasonas: At about the age […]