Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.

5. Lilium

It’s finally here. Our annual show highlighting the best breakthrough talent to emerge from the Scottish Art Schools. We’re immensely proud of this show, and with such an abrupt end to their final year, it feels more important than ever to support this next generation as they move on from their studies.

We’ve had a few hurdles to overcome, but we’re delighted to bring you our curated look at the years top talents. The show currently features grads from GSA and DJCAD. We’ve adopted a lock down inspired phased approach to fit around the virtual plans of the schools, and along with a few other things (think no access to work, folk moved out of Scotland, unfinished masterpieces….), and we’re working closely with artists from ECA and Aberdeen and hope to announce their collections in the gallery soon. Basically stay tuned!

Christian Kerr | GSA

Christian can draw. That’s a given. The ease with which he creates his realist forms on paper with simply a red pencil is undeniable. Exquisite textures and detailing, flawlessly executed. It’s obsessive viewing. We’ve a mix of his earlier pencil and charcoal work in the collection.

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
Moonchild | Pencil on Paper | 84.1 x 59.4 cm | £1,150 | BUY

Emma Boiston | GSA

We’re loving the stories Emma has stitched into her patchwork paintings. Layers and layers of fabric and cloth, threads and embroidered elements assembled into charming scenes, overlaid with delicate wording – ‘some grow some don’t’, ‘can you hear the birdies’. And she has mixed her own fabric dyes from vegetables and fruits. Truly unique works of art.

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
Ode To A Past Life | Crochet, Embroidery, Fabric & Dyes | 79.5 x 125 cm | £1,100 | BUY

Stephanie Dulson | DJCAD

Remember the joy of picking and sending postcards? That sense of pride sharing news from your travels with those nearest and dearest that you missed. Making them part of your memories. Stephanie has taken these humble postcards and given them a retro futuristic face lift. Introducing graphic elements and pops of colour, injecting a renewed energy to the scenes.

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
I Am Enjoying My Food | Digital Print | 21.5 x 16 cm | £100 | BUY

Chloe Duncan | GSA

It would be easy to overlook the blend of skill and techniques (not to mention the hours of work!) given the highly graphic quality and designed aesthetic to Chloe’s work. She is fascinated by nature and has a huge personal collection of encyclopedias and botanical reference books. Think gorgeous colours and blooming foliage mixed with the occasional anatomical motif. These works will inject a sense of calm and colour to any room.

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
Dreamscape Series (3) | Mixed Media Digital Print | 60 x 60 cm | £250 | BUY

Eve McGlynn | DJCAD

Eve’s expressive abstract paintings have textured surfaces and colour combinations that are divinely beautiful. Steeped in symbolism, her work is a depiction of her personal reflections upon the concept of the Cult of The Virgin Mary. Beyond that, they are perfectly balanced compositions. Fluid spaces full of energy and intrigue. Most of her degree work has now been bought, so we’re delighted to have ‘Lilium’ available in the gallery!

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
‘Lilium’ by Eve McGlynn | BUY

Brandon Dempsey | DJCAD

We love a bit of still life. It can be naively comforting; there’s no pressure to see whatever has been painted as anything other than what ‘it’ is. But then the neutral basis a still life offers an artist is where it all changes. A simple object can be used as a tool for formal exploration of an idea. Brandon is looking to expand his visual language through his crudely represented objects. His choice of media (paint, pastel & collage) enable him to embrace ‘mistakes’ and imperfections as he mixes references from post-punk and urban art themes.

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
Red | Mixed Media on Board | 30 x 42 cm | £320 | BUY

Gabriel Phipps | GSA

Lazy days and relaxed vibes emanate from Gabriel’s work. Looking at how humans change when they are ‘at leisure’ – who embraces and who recoils, who connects with and who feels at complete unease in an environment disconnected from societal norms and expectations. A theme that is particularly apt during this year of lock down. We’ve all found ourselves with an abundance of time, freed from the usual routines, isolated and alone with our thoughts and daily regimes. We say, take some time to reflect over his full collection.

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
Lilo | Limited Edition Screen Print | 54.4 x 37 cm | £80 | BUY

Antonina Kulmasova | GSA

And finally, we have Antonina and her paintings that revolve around the female form.

Breakout Artists 2020: Show runs July & August.
‘Movement’ by Antonina Kulmasova | BUY

The show is running digitally and in the gallery throughout July and August. We already have a number of works on the walls in the gallery at Cresswell Lane, so please get in touch if you would like to arrange a private view. Or drop us a message if anything is catching your eye.

Thank you as always for your continued support!