Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show ’23.


Welcome to the exclusive virtual launch of this year’s Best of Scottish Art Schools Show and our stand-out Grads. 7 extremely exciting artists feature in the initial line up of our 12th edition of this show. Their themes explore the human form in all its physicality, tackle the sensitivities and complexities that surround anxiety and conflicts, question the influence technology is having over contemporary painting, look at relationships between people and the built environment, and take hand-crafted objects to bring the seemingly inanimate subject of still life to life

We hope you enjoy discovering this first wave of talent.

MK Thomson | DJCAD | View All Work

MK Thomson is a figurative oil painter based in Scotland; she is primarily concerned with depicting the human body at its most physical and animalistic. Using layers of paint she contorts, distorts, and manipulates flesh and bones to emphasise the materiality of the human form. The figures in her paintings act as vessels in pursuit of a version of the body that is uninhibited by gender, identity, and notions of idealisation.

Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show '23.

Cat Tams | GSA | View All Work

Cat Tams explores the dialogue between light and colour, and the interplay between volume, form and surface. With a rigour of observational drawing at the core of her pictures, she often uses familiar landscapes or handcrafted objects as a vehicle through which she creates pictures. Ultimately, her work is a negotiation with the complex fibres of the visible world.

Kate Scheibli | GSA | View All Work

There is an obvious presence of digital representation that runs throughout Kate Scheibli’s paintings with the use of iconography appropriated from Super Mario Bros. as well as the vibrant collections of pixels that glow from the canvas. By using popular and recognisable imagery she aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort that allows her work to engage a wide audience. The work is playful in nature and aims to be a source of enjoyment.

Danele Evans | ECA | View All Work

Danele Evans explores the relationship between people and the contemporary built environment. These works make up an extended series which place isolated parts of the figure within urban environments, populating them with abstracted and fragmented representations of disembodied clothing. She aims to reflect a place and position in the world that is undefined, complex and in constant flux.  

Derek C Spence | DJCAD | View All Work

Derek C Spence’s work explores conflict and associated feelings of anxiety, through use of contrasting colour, differentiated mark-making, unconventional materials and difference in scale. His influence primarily comes from the German Expressionist movement with artists such as Max Beckman, Ernst Ludwig Kircher as well as more contemporary artists including Daniel Richter and Tel R.

Maria Sainz Monasterio | ECA | View All Work

Maria Sainz Monasterio is a figurative artist who works with drawing, printmaking and painting. Throughout her final year she chose to specialise in Monoprinting.

Lucy- Jane Allen | ECA | View All Work

Lucy-Jane Allen’s work explores the nuances of human emotion. She aims to capture a combination of tangible and abstract moments alongside the essence of often imperceptible times.

I challenge the conventional use of colour and expressive painting through the introduction of written language to anchor my works. To achieve this, I select and create titles from various sources, such as poetry, conversations, or my own thoughts. These texts centre around the intimacy of authentic moments, as I highlight the interplay between storytelling, connecting with the audience, and conveying my own personal journey. This invites viewers to engage with each piece and encourages them to connect with their own emotional experiences”.

We’ll be adding more graduates to the collection as we attend the next phase of Masters Shows. Viewings can be arranged and we’re planning to hold a physical show later in the year with work that remains and newly created masterpieces from all our featured artists. So make sure to stay tuned!