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Megan Wood

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Her paintings are expressive and atmospheric, rich with colour and loaded with emotion. Wood’s work evokes a sense of nostalgia. There’s a beautiful timeless quality to her images thanks to her approach assembling scenes. Sourced from vintage photographs and magazines (think National Geographic) Wood’s uses collage to layer up found images of people and places.

Lynsey MacKenzie

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Lynsey MacKenzie approaches painting by combining ways of working; from memory and observations of her surroundings, to working intuitively, responding to marks and colours. She also has a deep interest in the role of time within art. The timelessness of painting, the non-linear accumulation of imagery of forms, and the way that painting takes both the painter and viewer outwith time.

She say’s of her practice;

“The passage of time brings about a flux. Order tends towards disorder. I am attempting to create a feeling of space, of something fleeting, of nothing being quite pinned down. There is a beauty in the brevity of things, and I am celebrating this”.

Lee Ellis

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Tony’s Terrible Toupee 5
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Bacon Is Overrated 2

His insatiable desire to create brings him to embrace different artistic mediums, from printmaking to drawing and painting. With an expressive and bold style, immediately striking with his unusual juxtaposition of bright colours and dark subjects, Lee’s paintings in particular convey an emotional and visceral angst within his figures. From humans to animals, he never fails to depict the inner turmoil of his characters. He achieves this effect by employing heavy, raw and expressive brushstrokes that make his painting style poignant and immediately affecting.

Sarah Kendall

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Rodeo Blue

Sarah Kendall is an Edinburgh based artist whose work is a constantly evolving method off abstraction, rooted in materiality and tactile intuition. Her paintings reflect a practice that has no restrictive process, each work being distinct and belonging to an unrepeatable investigation into material flow and colour.

Jacob Littlejohn

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Painting Study

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“My practice explores the realm of human behaviour. I use the theatre as a metaphorical framework to explore the ways humans interact with one another and what they choose to present of themselves. My process evolves round a profound interest in media, technique and colour.

Through the abstraction of everyday objects, theatrical props and the environments in which they are found, my work attempts to push the viewer to reconsider the original properties of such objects and the environments in which they inhabit, so that they become at once a spectator and a performer within the work.

My work touches on abstract expressionism and the theatricality found in experiencing and unveiling of works of art. The central motifs include windows, stages and curtains, which act as physical and metaphorical barriers that either protect or expose intimate emotions and ideologies. While the inception of my work begins with my own exploration of the tension between the hidden and the revealed, the experience of the audience is wholly wrapped up in my process of creating. My practice aims to trigger the sublime. It is deeply dependent on the ontological experience shared with the audience, whether it be an overwhelming or ambivalent one.”

Diane Evans

Her work is site-specific and she draws, paints and photographs anything that catches her attention, developing ideas in the studio.

She says of her work;

“I continue to be fascinated by traditional methods and materials, translating what I have learnt into contemporary pieces on board, canvas and aluminium. Through layering and abstraction, I aim to represent form that can be read as relating to the landscape”.

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Gavin Dobson

Gavin Dobson is a London based illustrator. Initially trained in Fine Art at Middlesex University, his artwork is inspired by a huge love of Graphic Novels and 1980’s American comic books.

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Pimpawan Wangamonmit

Pimpawan Wangamonmit was born in Suphanburi Province, Thailand. Her work is heavily influenced by her culture, with a focus on significant and traditional objects, patterns and historical Thai murals.

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Som Nuk

Rachel Sved

Rachel Sved uses drawings and sculptures to illustrate the artificial origin story for a group of hairless humanoids. These semi developed ‘people’ who are on the cusp of becoming individuals feature heavily in her current practice. Unfinished creations, endowed with souls; crude, confused creatures. much like the Golem in Jewish mythology.

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Ben Rothery

Ben Rothery is a detail obsessed Illustrator who grew up in Norwich, but is originally from Cape Town, South Africa.

He works out of his studio in Bath where he combines many processes to create his intricate and delicate illustrations, full of fine lines and vibrant colours. His works are grown from his love of all things nature.

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Michelle Campbell

She explores her own interest in the concept of memory as an emotional experience. She uses her paintings as an expressive tool to explore how the memory of a time, person or place can become warped; faded out against our will or kept vivid in a way that provides much needed comfort, or an overwhelming discomfort. The memory itself evolves from its origins into a new event. Michelle’s subject matter varies, occasionally constructing abstract imagery to create an emotional narrative through colour and form. She often uses landscapes of places she’s visited as a symbolic foundation in which to build her memories on top of, transforming geophysical locations into permanent emotional landscapes.

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The Big Yin