Victoria Topping is an internationally acclaimed artist and illustrator. Known for her distinctive and bright works that she creates by building up multiple textures and images, combining them to develop a visual language that uses recurring motifs.

Heavily influenced by music, from the styling and art direction of 1970’s Jazz and Soul to the passion and ebullience of Gospel and Disco, she takes musical aspects and synthesises them into visual forms, working towards distilling the vibrancy of music into a ‘music for the eyes’. Each work has its own unique soul, harnessing a blend of spirituality, culture, the cosmos and mother earth.

Employing a fusion of traditional and technology based techniques, Topping takes photography, painting, gold-leaf and collage elements and digitally connects and alters them before producing the final image. She then works on the surface adding hand-finished touches adding yet more texture and unique qualities.

Topping graduated in 2008 with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Illustration from UWE Bristol University.