The base upon which I build my work is metaphysics: existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility. Using these guides, I express how I see and experience the world. This I do mostly through the use of narrative within a landscape using either the human or animal form to create a narrative.

Over and above the metaphysical, I strive to make work which is delicate and shows a lightness of touch along with an eye for detail and nuance. At the same time I use the language of drawing and mark-making in an attempt to describe emotional depth and atmosphere. Also, I delight in using visual devices to convey some of the great classical themes and hopefully create something new and fresh with a modern voice. The resulting works are rarely direct representations or specific places but distillations of various places and experiences and pose the two basic questions of metaphysics: What is ultimately there? and, What is it like?

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