Stephanie Dulson joins the gallery this July, with her work featuring in our annual Best Of Scottish Art Schools Show 2020.

Current Artist Statement

“Postcards are typically used to write to a loved one or they might act as an advertisement for somewhere you may long to go. Receiving a postcard in the mail feels personal and the received postcard can become sentimental. The imagery and the text have been intentionally chosen by that specific person to mean something to the receiver. However, with the rise of social media, the tradition of writing and sending a postcard has diminished.

These items and the attached memories are now frequently found for sale in charity or junk shops and are often overlooked. Over the years I have reclaimed hundreds of them for my own collection. I have been using these found postcards as a way of establishing a connection to the places depicted by adding my own marks. The resulting works suggest an exploration of how we may interpret the images alongside words.

As a collection, these postcards have a sense of adventure. I began wondering if the places truly resembled what was being portrayed on the postcard. The project was a way to renew the mundane images. It began with subtle changes to the image’s appearance, but as my work progressed, the manipulated landscapes became more surreal. The artworks have become infused with a retrofuturistic feel, influenced by the pop art culture that constantly surrounds us”.

Dulson graduated from DJCAD with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, 2020.