Sheila Chapman is an emerging contemporary painter who graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016. She originally studied physics at Oxford University and worked as a patent attorney for 10 years before deciding to follow her real passion for art.

She say’s of her work;

“I am an emerging contemporary painter based in Edinburgh. In my art practice I am inspired by the beauty and mystery in everyday experience. A large part of my working process is hunting for new ideas in the visual world around me e.g. walking in the woods in summer, watching reflections on a pond in spring, spotting wildlife, seeing my children growing and engaging with the world, exploring unfamiliar places (sometimes old photographs) evidencing past lives, or other ways of living.

In these things I sense the inevitable passing of time and the spirit of being alive, and it’s this I try to capture in my work. I record my ideas in sketches, photographs or plein air paintings, from which I often then develop larger works in the studio. I enjoy using the physicality and expressiveness of the materials – usually ink, acrylic paint or watercolour – to attempt to describe in visual language those strange or beautiful moments which always seem to elude capture in the written word.”