My art practice is dependent on the integration of artistic elements; colour, texture, line and shape. The main concept of my work is the notion of ‘landscape’ which is created in my mind through the layering of visual elements. This landscape is sometimes created from photos that I have taken which are then discarded as my imagination takes over. It is the combination of elements and the painting process which ultimately creates this ‘place’ on the canvas.

My main focus consists of working quite abstractly yet I like to have a subtle hint of realism to my work. My recent projects have incorporated this method which has resulted in additional floral and naturalistic elements. There is a real physical engagement in my work which allows me to express my painterly qualities, with a particular emphasis on colour.

My artwork can represent different things to different people which is what I take pride in achieving. This is produced in a spontaneous manner when it comes to the representation which is followed by paying more attention to detail through mark making. The paint almost becomes the ‘theme’ itself.

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