Contemporary wilderness painter Sam Gare lives in London but calls Scotland her ‘second home’. Her work explores the wild, vast and lonely lands that remain untouched and untamed by man. Through her art she aims to share the positive power of nature on the human spirit and soul ultimately inspiring people to reconnect to nature, protect and respect the wilderness.

Driven by her a life long passion for nature (she is an ambassador for the Wilderness Foundation UK) Gare frequently travels to extreme and immense natural environments around the globe to inform her work, creating both in the studio and outdoors in the field. 

Working with a multitude of media; pens, acrylic paint pens, paints, pastels, markers, gold leaf. She gently marks up her base layer with acrylic markers and pens, working intuitively, relying on photos and memories of a location.  She works into the sky with pastels, capturing the light and building space around the lands. Gare is focused on capturing the movement, feel and freedom found in these wild and vast environments.

Gare is a self-taught artist who perfectly links her art to her love of the wild. 

Sam’s first gallery solo show is opening this May – titled ‘By Land, By Foot’ featuring 8 stunning paintings of the Highlands of Scotland.