Ryan Darnell graduated from GSA 2018 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Photography. He say’s of his work;

“Many great scientist of our age believe that the universe is one; think of the big bang, the entire universe came out of something smaller than an electron, so the theory is that everything we see around us was connected at that instant of the big bang, and when it took place, we got separated, but in the same sense, all matter in the universe has connection with every other piece of matter, because we all came from the big bang.

Nature has two hands, one hand is the theory of the very big, and the other theory is the quantum theory, the theory of little tiny protons and Quarks. My work explores this idea of a relationship between big and the small, or the telescopic and the microscopic and is perhaps a process to find my own theory; notice how random scattering and clustering of household objects such as tea, echo the stars and galaxies above us, and how the two different sides of science can be used to collaborate in this remarkable way. Interestingly enough it is these tools that help us find the answers to everything – the microscope and the telescope – and a common phrase states that ‘The truth is out there’, however, acknowledge how wrong we have been in the past, and how wrong we are likely to be in the future. In truth we just don’t know! But we can do what we always have and use our imagination of what might be, or could be based on what distorted reality we perceive. The works aim to express a question of truth by rising their own questions, such as what are they? And how have they been done? The works act as accurate representations of what they are and abstract representations for that which they stand for”.

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