Ross Miller’s practice focuses on self portraits. He works expressively with charcoal and pencil drawings that have areas of realistic detailing. Alongside these works, he produces more considered limited edition prints, using wood cut printing techniques.

He says of his work;

“The work is an extension of myself. But something more has to have gone into it. There’s that bit of artistic introspection. It’s a result of that. There’s a seeing thing involved, or, more a combined ‘feeling and seeing’, an encounter with myself. My eventual drawing isn’t meant to look really realistic. It may be a likeness but it’s not a copy. It’s come out different because I’ve had a different intention for it. When it comes down to it, I make self-portraits because, pretty much, I’m all I know.

My studio practice explores the self – or how I perceive myself. Maybe I’m a total introvert and this has led to me wanting to express myself through my work, in images. Whether obscured, or not realistic portraits, they try to make some connection with my sense of self. It’s in their making that I typically listen to music – heavy stuff, and that’s reflected in the technical approach I employ… Rapid mark-making for example. I suppose trying to interpret the music in some way by attacking the canvas. The music could be a reflection of how I’m feeling in the moment, so it could be heavy or really calm stuff. If I’m thinking about how I create, it’s a reflection of how I’m feeling at that point in time – a reflection of myself at that time of day. It’s not an examination in that the end result is really realistic, but the time spent looking at your reflection and trying to pick that apart.”

Miller graduated from DJCAD with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Fine Art in 2017.