Rose Raine is a contemporary British painter working in oils. She paints her passion; the land and the sea, recreating the forces and colour of nature.

“The notion of immersion underpins my practice. I frequently work on-site, studying the landscape and capturing moments amidst its ever-changing nature. Through sketching and photography I seek to encapsulate an essence of place, outlining compositions and capturing transient moments that develop once back in the studio. My paintings focus on light and movement; the atmospherics of the sea and sky. Oscillating between chance, control and unpredictability, creating work is a physical process: it involves dynamic gestures and movements to construct the landscape, conveying its physicality through the materiality of paint”.

Rose graduated with a BA(Hons) Painting from ECA 2021. Her work was selected and exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Show 2022 and she successfully sells her paintings to private buyers and collectors across the UK and internationally. Rose currently lives and works between London and South Devon

We were delighted to feature Rose in our highlight ‘Best of Scottish Art Schools Graduate Show 2021’.