Rachel Hobkirk

Rachel Hobkirk graduated from GSA in 2017 and featured in our annual Best Of Scottish Graduates Show. She received a First Class BA(Hons) in Fine Art Painting & Printmaking, was the recipient of the RSA David Michie Travel Award 2017 and will feature in the RSA Annual Exhibition next year.

She says of her work;

“Through the literal act of painting, the growing tension between the digital and the analogue is examined. My practice seeks to materialise the immaterial nature of the screen. The double-layered canvases, or painting reliefs, invert the flatness of the screen to physically convey a sense of virtual depth within its surface. The reoccurring use of gloss paint, not only as a mimetic of the reflective face of the screen, has been chosen to exaggerate the sharp lines and contours of the extruding shape underneath. Each painting explores the illusion of pictorial space and the interplay between flatness and depth, light and shadow”.

She takes inspiration from the hard-edge abstraction of Frank Stella’s work – shaped canvases that can be examined as both literal objects and two-dimensional, pictorial planes. Two states which she feels her own paintings oscillate between. Pop Minimalists such as Blair Thurman and Gerold Miller have also greatly influential her practice this year.