London based Paul Wardski is an award winning artist and printmaker. His practice engages with sites of contradiction that are local to him, and within those sites he searches for objects that have been left behind by past inhabitants. By exploring his own relationship with the found object and the space from where it is collected, he finds himself drawn to the tangible motif quality of the objects that have been forgotten and discarded. The human element that used to be there is now gone.

Through multiple print processes, Paul creates fictitious interiors housed within an imagined landscape. Painterly surreal rooms and objects, distorted in scale, that evoke loss and abandonment. The lightness of photolithography put through an etching press creates a ghost-like quality suggesting what is past. In contrast, the heavy graphic quality of screen-printing allows Paul to insert and overlay bold objects as motifs; these then speak a language of a decorative nature, creating a false sense of familiarity.

Paul graduated with a BA(Hons) in Printmaking at the University of Portsmouth. He then went on to complete his MA in Printmaking at UAL Camberwell achieving Distinction. He has won multiple awards (Limerick Printmakers International Residency Award, Clifford Chance Printmaking Purchase Prize, East London Printmakers Graduate Award for Excellence in Printmaking to name a few) and works with print studios across the UK and Europe.