Niall Stevenson is a landscape painter based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“My most recent work has been informed by walking in the landscape; particularly in Scotland. I have tried to find ways to paint my experience of being in these environments, often using sites of archaeological interest (cairns, hill forts, enclosures etc) as a starting point for image-making. The pictures are not intended to be bucolic or pertain to any romantic notions of the wilderness, but rather try to show a more idiosyncratic vision of how I encounter overlooked aspects of the world. I am particularly interested in the ways in which time has erased traces of culture from the landscape and how fragments of structures can act as a catalyst for interpretive thought processes”.

Stevenson completed his BA(Hons) Drawing & Painting (2012) and MA Contemporary Art Practice (2016) both at ECA. He has held numerous group and solo shows in Scotland, across Europe and Japan.

Niall currently has no work available.