MK Thomson is a figurative oil painter based in Scotland; she is primarily concerned with depicting the human body at its most physical and animalistic. Using layers of paint she contorts, distorts, and manipulates flesh and bones to emphasise the materiality of the human form. The figures in her paintings act as vessels in pursuit of a version of the body that is uninhibited by gender, identity, and notions of idealisation.

The historical and cultural significance of the oil painted body plays a predominant role in influencing her work. The current focus of her practice revolves around examining the oil painted body, both as a symbol of continued tradition and in consideration of the role of gender representation in contemporary art.

MK graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art DJCAD 2023 and was awarded the Graham Lang Prize for excellence in drawing and painting. Her work is held in private collections in Berlin and the UK and has featured in publications such as Rising Stars: Visual Arts Research Conference, published in 2023 by Boom Publications and Transitions, published in 2021 by Epoch Press. She is now living and working as an artist in Ullapool. We featured her work in our annual highlight Best Of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2023.