Michaela McManus graduated from GSA 2018 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art.

She say’s of her work;

“Working mainly within the realms of print and photo collage, my practice explores both personal memory and wider themes concerning the artifice and fragmentation of our post-modern, post-net era. Using the photograph’s material relation to time, the medium of collage allows me to create imagery through a process of isolation and explore the decontextualised home setting and its unsettling familiarity. I am interested in representing the subconscious space where memory is situated and consequently imagined through a process of displacement. Rooted in the relationship between the inaccessible and the non-existent, I explore the imagined landscape as a representation of the psychological space where I retrace my childhood memories. With a deep
connection to the Romantic Landscape, my work is entwined with poetry, nostalgia and loss. With this construction of space, I am interested in the relationship between the flatness of the graphic image and the emotive qualities of gestural painting marks. “.