Martin Varennes-Cooke is an Artist and Art teacher originally from the Lake District, he now lives and works in Brighton.

“I bring a Fine Art approach to a Pop Art aesthetic – after studying Fine Art and obtaining my degree in 1996 I have been trying to perfect my style of both drawing and painting over the years. I believe an Artist is always evolving. In the beginning my work was predominantly with Charcoal and Conte crayon producing arresting portraits in a traditional style of well known and perhaps some not so well known faces. My subjects are always people I admire and/or in addition have very distinctive and unique faces. I have recently moved away from the perhaps well known faces of the sometimes famous and obscure musicians, actors and writers, and started painting more and more.

I am a bird lover, and find them fascinating to paint – lets face it, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. I have been influenced by a lot of graffiti art which mixes both  human and animal forms in a fantastic and contemporary way”.