Glasgow based Magdalena Wacławiak is a contemporary Scottish Landscape Artist who works in the field of drawing and painting. She is experimental in her style with heavy influences of fauvism, abstract-expressionism and impressionism.

Wacławiak’s work conveys the sense of place and the absence found in the Scottish landscape. Inspired by poetic memoirs of the mountaineer Nan Shepherd, she pursues her own journey into “The Living Mountain”. Wacławiak’s portrayals of the land is balanced, translating both movement and stillness. She records the rugged Scottish mountains and seaside in a dynamic way, using exaggerated hues of colour and savage mark making to express the mood and atmosphere.

Immersing herself in the environment, Wacławiak paints and draws her work on site, right then and there – her art is an immediate response to the land. This approach enriches her work and is equally as important as the finished piece.

Wacławiak graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at DJCAD in 2017. She previously attended the Universität Politecnica de Valencia in 2016 as part of the ERASMUS Sculpture Exchange programme.