Lynsey MacKenzie approaches painting by combining ways of working; from memory and observations of her surroundings, to working intuitively, responding to marks and colours. She also has a deep interest in the role of time within art. The timelessness of painting, the non-linear accumulation of imagery of forms, and the way that painting takes both the painter and viewer outwith time. 

She say’s of her practice;

“The passage of time brings about a flux. Order tends towards disorder. I am attempting to create a feeling of space, of something fleeting, of nothing being quite pinned down. There is a beauty in the brevity of things, and I am celebrating this”.

MacKenzie initially graduated with a degree in Law, but returned to art studying painting at the Leith School of Art. She graduated with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Painting & Printmaking from GSA 2019. 

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